Sunday, July 28, 2013

Herringbone Quilts in Two Ways

I love a good herringbone.  To me, it's like a more timeless chevron.  Here are two herringbone quilts that I've made that put a little bit of a twist on the classic herringbone.

Scrappy Herringbone
I started making this quilt to use on our bed, and as much as I loved the fabric line, I just changed my mind on keeping it.  I made it into a short twin instead, and kept some of the extra pieces to use for a second baby quilt.  Rather than being uniform thicknesses, the pieces are random.  I've since sold this quilt in my etsy shop.

Broken Herringbone
I love all of the white space on this quilt.  For one thing, I love how it looks-- but it also really cuts down on time (you don't have to worry about specific piecing placement) and money (single cut discount coupons)!

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