Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Geometric baby quilts

This weekend I finished up the quilt tops that I made last weekend! All three are now posted in my etsy shop, as well!

Geometric star baby quilt:

 This one is just little, at 30x30".  It's a great size for a car seat, tummy time, or just snuggling.  I used the blues and oranges from the Birds and Berries line.
Star block patterns are pretty common. This one is just a bunch of full squares and half triangles.  I just drew out the plan on some graph paper, then assembled! Very easy with a charm pack!

Herringbone crib quilt:
I've seen a ton of similar quilts on pinterest over the past year, so I figured I'd try my hand at it.   I just cut some big parallelograms and assembled.  It could easily be done using half triangles, too, but this method was faster for me.  I backed it with this adorable orange and white bird fabric that I've had in my stash for at least a year.

 Black and white "plus sign" quilt:
This is another quilt that I have seen around on pinterest.  I like the clean, crisp lines of it!  I backed it with a minty blue flannel rather than my usual plain cotton, so it's extra snuggly.

 I think that I'd like to add the herringbone and plus sign quilt layouts to my custom quilt listings (once I reopen the custom quilt option after baby is born :).  They're so easy to customize just by changing the colours, and resizing wouldn't be a problem at all.  I already have some sweet colour combos and slight modifications in mind to try!

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