Thursday, July 19, 2012

Entry Art

A month and a half after moving in, I finally have the wall art in the entryway set up!
The mirror is from Ikea, the tree canvas is from Hobby Lobby, and all of the picture frames are from DI (a goodwill store in Utah).  Each frame cost between $0.50-1.50! They also used to be weird bronze or brown, but a coat of spray primer and some paint sure made them look nice.

I've kept a copy of keys from our apartments each time we've moved to make this little display:

This clock used to be a black, plain, $3 clock from Walmart.  I just pulled off the clear plastic front and glued a piece of scrapbook paper over the numbers and painted the edge. Not bad, eh?

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  1. Always got to make everything look amazing! I plan on copying you again hope thats okay!