Friday, August 24, 2012

Ruffled Shower Curtain

I was working on another project that requires a lot of ruffles. I decided to invest in a ruffler foot that makes ruffles a pleats a breeze. Since the other project is for somebody else I figured that I should practice on something of my own first. I got the basic idea and tutorial from {Elle Apparel}.  I did end up doing things differently, but she does have a great tutorial.

Our bathroom is nice in and of itself.  But I was not a fan of our $2 white plastic shower curtain that we've had for two years.  I didn't really have any sort of decoration going on.
There was also a lot of edge finishing required for this (and my other) project, and I'm so grateful for a lady in my ward who let me borrow her serger.  It has saved me many hours.

Here is the finished project:
not bad, eh?
The liner is still in there, on the inside of the tub.  I think my next project will be doing something to that weird shelf you can see in the bottom left corner.

I also had some beachy pictures printed and put them up on the blank wall.  

Now I just need to make or find a cute clock so that I can see what time it is while I'm doing my hair so  that I'm late less often.  (I have a lot of hair right now, ok?)

Fabric: $35
Thread: already had
Curtain rings: $1
Total cost: $36

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  1. I have seen this around and have wanted to try it. Thanks for the inspiration!