Friday, June 8, 2012

One man's pile of trash is my treasure.

For my {shelving project} I found that new wood at hardware places was just way too expensive for my taste. I started looking at Craiglist, and I found a guy selling "antique wood" (ie: old and probably gross).  It was part of an old fence he had torn down.  So today I buckled up and headed down south to Santaquin.  Santaquin is a pretty small town comprised mainly of hunters and/or farmers. I was in town heading to get the wood when I realized that I didn't have work gloves. Anticipating that there would be a lot of splinters, nails, and crud I stopped at the local Dollar Store to grab some. When I came out, this fellow was in the parking lot and asked me if I wanted a ride:

Welcome to Santaquin.

I got to the house where I was directed to several piles of wood around the yard that had already been picked over twice. It took a whole lot of digging around, but I think I got enough of what I wanted. I'm apprehensive about how this is going to turn out, but if what I envisioned works, it will be awesome!

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