Sunday, June 3, 2012

Picking Colours

We just moved into a new apartment, so I've gotten the itch to redecorate things a bit.
One great way to choose colours is to take one item you really love-- such as a painting or upholstery fabric-- and pull colours and tones from that.  I've really been wanting to make a quilt that is the perfect size for napping (since naps are how I roll), so I'm trying to decide on fabrics to also pull furniture paint colours from.  The couch and the wall colours are already in place and won't be changed, so I'm also keeping those in mind.
There is an extremely handy tool that I love called {Chip It}.  You take an image and it pulls coordinating paint chip colours. You can use it with a picture of a room you like, the painting you want to hang, or in my case the fabrics I like for the quilt.
Here are the approximate wall and couch colours:

Here are the finalists (I think...) for the quilt and paint colours:

Salt Air
Camp Modern

Garden Wall
I wouldn't incorporate all of the colours into large objects (I'm not liking some of those pinks), but overall, what do you think?

Which motif do you like the most?

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