Monday, June 4, 2012

Patterned backing for shelves

The summer after we got married, I decided that I wanted to make our apartment a little more presentable. Our place was what I would call "great for newlyweds", ie: small, cheap, and not inherently pretty. We had these two shelves that my in-laws gave us for free that were laminate and plywood. They worked just fine, but they also were not inherently pretty. Our stark white cinderblock space needed some colour, so I set out to Home Depot to find the perfect colour. After agonizing over it for a week, I finally decided on a great turquoise. It ended up looking a lot brighter in person, but I loved it.  I also found a great black and white damask canvas fabric at Joanns to use.
It was a really easy project, and I loved the result!
With the new apartment and changing things up, I have decided to part with my lovely shelves. I will miss them, but hopefully the next owner will like them as much as I do!
If you want to create your own shelves with a neat background, it's really easy!

Detach the backboard of your shelf. Cut a piece of fabric or wallpaper the same size as the board. Glue down using Mod Podge and let dry.
If you are painting your shelves, you just sand, prime, and paint a coat or two.  I'll go into more detail with that process in the future.
Staple or nail the board back onto the shelves, and you've got your lovely, updated shelves!

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